Best Songs of 2009

Here are what I feel are the best songs of the past year.  Some songs you will love right off the bat, some songs will grow on you, all will make you go hmmm…that Kev is on to something.  Listen and watch and as always, play it loud mutha!!!  Enjoy

1)   My Girls- Animal Collective

The best song on the best album of 2009 is a sweet love letter from husband to wife and child about him giving them the house they desperately want.  When Avey Tare bellows “I just want four walls and adobe slabs for my girls” it comes across perfectly beautiful.

2)   1901- Phoenix

There’s no shortage of good tracks on one of the best pop records of 2009 but I chose this one because it has that infectious vibe that you want from a pop song.

3)   Two Weeks- Grizzly Bear

What hasn’t been said about the harmonies and breathtaking vocals from Ed Droste and company.  Grizzly Bear has perfected a sound that is both mature and fun.

4)   Bad Romance- Lady GaGa

Say what you want about Lady GaGa but this chick knows exactly what she is doing in the pop music world.  Totally one of a kind.

5)   Walkabout (w/ Noah Lennox)- Atlas Sound

Maybe it’s Noah Lennox’s lyrics (of Animal Collective) but I just love the echoing beauty of this song.

6)   Islands- The xx

Another “love song” on the list is this ditty from the british group The xx.  This band moves from female singer to male singer with the maturity of singers twice their age.  Oh, and there only 20 years old.

7)   Daniel- Bat For Lashes

I get razzed by friends that I’m too into “chick music”.  Please watch this video and tell me you wouldn’t agree.  She has the looks of a edgier Cat Power but the chops like a Neko Case.  This song is perfection.

8)   Stillness Is The Move- Dirty Projectors

Outstanding harmonies and avant experimental sounds are what set this band apart from everyone else.  So good that Solange Knowles (yes, Beyonce’s sister) did her own take on it.  And it’s just as good.

9)   Home- Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros

I can’t wait for the karaoke bars to pick up this gem.  I dare you not to whistle along.

10)    Run This Town- Jay-Z (feat. Kanye West & Rihanna)

Jay-Z was back in 2009 and with a little help from some talented friends released a really great album.  I chose this instead of Empire State of Mind.  No real reason they’re both great.

11)    This Tornado Loves You- Neko Case

No singer has a more beautiful voice in music.

12)    Velvet- The Big Pink

A truly kick ass jam from the british duo The Big Pink.

13)    Let’s Go Surfing- The Drums

Maybe I do want to go surfing.

14)   Pursuit Of Happiness- Kid Cudi (feat. MGMT and Ratatat)

How amazing is the distinctive guitar riff from the boys of Ratatat?

15)    Animal- Miike Snow

Swedish electro-pop band Miike Snow makes a great pop song that works as well in indie rock clubs as it does in an episode of Gossip Girl.

16)   Graze- Animal Collective

The only band to have 2 songs in the best songs list.  Totally worth it.  This one comes from a nearly as good Fall Be Kind ep.

17)   Heads Will Roll- Yeah Yeah Yeahs

I wished I like this band as much as everyone else.  I did love this song though.  You can really here Karen O’s vocals knock this out.

18)   Knock You Down- Keri Hilson (feat. Kanye West and Ne-Yo)

I just love the beat of this song and the Kanye West lyrics toward the end.

19)   When I Grow Up- Fever Ray

Karin Andersson (aka Fever Ray) of The Knife has a sad, shrill sound to her voice.

20)   Lessons Learned- Matt & Kim

The song is accompanied by an even better video.  Watch it.

21)   Young Adult Friction- The Pains of Being Pure at Heart

The first song from one of the hottest bands of 2009.

22)   Million Dollar Bill- Whitney Houston

It makes me want to go dancing!  Not really but it is catchy.

23)   So Far Around The Bend- The National

One of the more popular singles form the Dark Was The Night compilation.  I’m just a big fan of The National.

24)   Waving At The Shore- Throw Me The Statue

The one band that I can’t imagine why they aren’t more popular.

25)    All or Nothing- Au Revoir Simone

Poetically beautiful electro-pop is the only way to describe this female trio.

26)   Kiss My Name- Antony and the Johnsons

Antony Hagerty cries to you to listen to him.

27)   Sweet Dreams- Beyonce

The only song on the list from an album released in 2008.  Say what you want but Maddie loves it.

28)   The Reeling- Passion Pit

Electro-pop had a good year.  The 2009 summer anthem.

29)   Golden Phone- Micachu & The Shapes

Hard to describe Micachu.  Noise pop? Experimental?  Whatever.  This songs rocks.  My favorite song of 2009 to clap to.

30)   Kettering- The Antlers

One of the sadder or depressing songs you’ll hear.  Profound in its despair yet incredibly beautiful.

31)   Deadbeat Summer- Neon Indian

Keyboards go for broke on this anthem.  Weirdly interesting sounds.

32)    Lust For Life- Girls

The indie hip duo produces an outstanding anthem of youth.  A band I would like to party with.

33)   No You Girls- Franz Ferdinand

An awesome rock song from an underrated album.

34)   Beach- Mew

I just like this song.  Don’t much care for the rest of the album.

35)   My Boys- Taken By Trees

The “re-make” of Animal Collective’s “My Girls” this is the stripped down female side of the song.  Both are beautiful.

36)   Feel It All Around- Washed Out

Call it what you will but this is the best dance song of the year.  Ethereal and echoing.  And a great video.

37)   Suicide- The Raveonettes

Another one of those indie pop songs that works wherever you hear it.

38)    Hell- Tegan and Sara

Sister/singing duo that is Tegan and Sara comes up with another young rebellion hit.

39)    11th Dimension- Julian Casablancas

The Strokes singer released this single from his solo album.  As good as anything he has done with The Strokes.  And they’re a great band.

40)   The Afterlife- Yacht

The female singer reminds me of a voice from the 90’s indie pop band Tuscadero.  Maybe that’s what drew me to her.  Feminine yet tough enough to sing over the beats and sounds that make up the band Yacht.


2 comments on “Best Songs of 2009

  1. GT says:

    “I couldn’t agree more.”

  2. FluoR says:

    Good article!! keep working

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