Vampire Weekend- Contra

I start the blog back up again with one of 2010’s first and I must say best records thus far.  Contra was released (and debuted at #1) in mid-January and it is the beginning of March as I write this.  The past couple of years have been good to Vampire Weekend with the GQ/Vanity Fair and numerous other magazine spreads, not to mention the countless mentions in your favorite WB shows.  This band is hot as the kids say!!!  All that aside, this record is so polished, mature and astute that I can’t imagine what is left that they want to learn.  They take to the streets and play such eclectically driven popular music (if that makes any sense).  They lost a lot of the white-collar Northeast vernacular that made them a tad on the pompous side and traded it for music and sounds that spans from Africa to South American and bits of techno-pop.  I really loved this record and it is one that will stand the length of 2010.

Rating: 9 out of 10

Listen to:


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