Best TV of 2012


The Walking Dead has been dethrowned!  A few years ago it kicked Mad Men off the top spot and Girls did it this year.  It was the best debut tv show ever in my opinion.  Relateable, interesting and hands down the best written show on tv this year.  I was stunned I loved it as much as I did.  But, did you see the past season of The Walking Dead?  Holy shit!  All in all, a great year.

  1)   Girls

The best debut tv show ever! Lena Dunham who writes, directs and created this dramedy about herself and her 3 friends in NYC/Brooklyn has single handedly made everyone forget about Sex and the City.  No single actress on television has put herself in such uncomfortable, uncompromising and vulnerable positions.  I cannot wait for season 2.

  2)   The Walking Dead

Now in its 3rd season the most complex drama on tv gets better and better with each viewing.  How they come up with the stuff they do is mind boggling (yes, it is a comic book).  But this is one of the best tv shows of all time.

  3)   Louie

The most irreverent and original voice in comedy is Louis CK.  This season got more personal with episodes on him dating and the unveiling of his ex-wife.  How he continues to come up with such original material is the stuff of geniuses.

  4)   Mad Men

With all of the success of such new shows like Homeland and Girls, people often forget that this show still may be the best drama around.  This year brought an end to Lane and Peggy (?) and I thought it was the best work of Jon Hamm’s career.

  5)   Parks and Recreation

The funniest show on television.  With the best cast on television.  Bar none.

  6)   Game of Thrones

Intense fantasy drama at its best.

  7)   New Girl

What appeared almost too cute for its own good in season 1 as really become a solid comedy show.  Relatable and believable that these 4 roommates would be friends.

  8)   Portlandia

Very funny comedy from a comdeian and a member of one of the greatest bands in history.  Watch the ‘Around the World in 80 Plates’ skit.  I honestly never laughed harder.

  9)   The Newsroom

Nick and I consider ourselves ‘Sorkinites’.  Those who just go gaga over Aaron Sorkin and his oeuvre.  While far from perfect, this new drama features a career performance by Jeff Daniels as the head anchor of a news division.  Typical Sorkin, lots of witty banter, lots of the “walk and talk” that he has perfected over the years.  One complaint, tone it down on the love triangle thing.  A little tiresome in a show that only has 10 episodes per year.

10)   Enlightened

The most underrated show on tv was this gem with Laura Dern and writer/creator Mike White.  Dern gives her best performance to date and the only actress to appear nearly as vulnerable as Lena Dunham.  I’m glad HBO gave a second season to this one.


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