Best Songs of 2012

Kevin’s picks:

Always the hardest list to come up with.  I always have a favorite off of every album and in some cases you only like 1 or 2 songs off any album.  Those of you that know me know that I love a good pop song and this year there were a bunch of them.  Ke$ha?  Who would have thought?  I also try to keep the list to one song per artist but I had to keep the 2 songs from Grimes because they’re 2 of the better songs in the past 3 years.  Enjoy and listen.  Loud.

1)   Grimes- ‘Genesis’

There was no song I listened to more.  Her voice, the lyrics, the beats.  Everything that a great song needs. 

2)   Chvrches- ‘The Mother We Share’

Haunting electro-pop from Scotland, Chvrches are one to watch in 2013.

3)   Cold Cave- ‘A Little Death to Laugh’

My kick ass song of 2012.  Play this as loud as you can.

4)   Cat Power- ‘Ruin’

The return of Chan Marshall.  The best song of an outstanding album that showed an outstanding musical range of this great artist.

5)   Icona Pop- ‘I Love It’ (NSFW)

The indie summer song of 2012.  And easily the best lyrics of any song on this list.  Play it loud at home, quietly at work.

6)   Twin Shadow- ‘Five Seconds’

First single off the sophomore album by Twin Shadow.

7)   Ke$ha- ‘Die Young’

First, I can’t believe I like this song enough to make the list.  Second, I can’t believe I actually typed her name with a $ sign in it.  What has become of me? Too much Travis G. influence.

8)   The Black Keys- ‘Gold On The Ceiling’

I think this album originally came out in late 2011 but the single was released this year.  Great guitar band.  Best song off of an ok album.

9)   Jessie Ware- ‘Wildest Moments’

There are songs that when heard for the first time make you realize how moving music can be.  Heartfelt, honing lyrics that resonate and feel with every listening.  This is one of those songs.  Amazingly beautiful.

10)   Beach House- ‘Myth’

Not much I can say that I haven’t said already about this band.  Every album gets better and this song stuck with me since early 2012.

11)   Carly Rae Jespen- ‘Call Me Maybe’

I have a 4 year old daughter.  It’s her favorite song.  You still want to make fun of me?

12)   Catcall- ‘The World Is Ours’

Another great indie pop song from the unknown Catcall.  You ready?

13)   Chromatics- ‘Back From the Grave’

Equal parts 80’s classic new wave/post-punk this is my favorite song off the record.

14)   Django Django- ‘Default’

Catchy as hell.

15)   Grimes- ‘Oblivion’

The only artist to make this list twice.  I loved this album and could have put every song on it.  An equally great video.

16)   Chairlift- ‘I Belong In Your Arms’

I really dig 2 person (boy/girl) bands and this latest from Chairlift really resonated with me all year. 

17)   Haim- ‘Forever’

Little song off an e.p that Haim put out this year.  I love girl pop.

18)   The Walkmen- ‘Heartbreaker’

This band just keeps improving.  What I felt was the most emotionally deft album of their outstanding career, this was my favorite track.

19)   Tanlines- ‘All Of Me’

My dance track of 2012.

20)   Schoolboy Q (feat A$AP Rocky)- ‘Hands on the wheel’ (NSFW)

Best rap song of 2012.

21)   Baroness- ‘March to the Sea’

Best metal song of 2012.  Really, really kicks ass.  Quietly. 

22)   Purity Ring- ‘Fineshrine’

Have you ever heard the words, “cut open my sternum and pull” sound so beautiful?

23)   La Sera- ‘Break My Heart’

Two and half minute indie punk from one third of Vivian Girls.

24)   Japandroids- ‘The House that Heaven Built’

A buddy of mine found the lyrics to this anthem-esque track silly but I loved how these 2 Vancouverites wailed to us.

25)   Grizzly Bear- ‘Yet Again’

Another set of beautiful harmonies from clearly one of the greatest bands in music. 

26)   Alabama Shakes- ‘Hold On’

With visions of 1970’s era rock and roll this Athens, Alabama band brought back the cool in old school rock ‘n’ roll.

27)   Kanye West (feat. Beig Sean, Pusha T and 2 Chainz)- ‘Mercy’ (NSFW)

Not much Kanye can’t do.  He just brings it every chance he gets.

28)   Animal Collective- ‘Today’s Supernatural’

Best song off a slightly disappointing album.  Killer video.

29)   Best Coast- ‘The Only Place’

Indie bubllegum pop hits it’s high note from the sophomore album.

30)   Frank Ocean- ‘Pyramids’ (NSFW)

Much has been said about Frank Ocean’s debut (although his mix tape last year counts to me as his first) and this is a stunner of a track.  It’s amazing to see someone this gifted hit the mainstream in astounding ways.  Up for multiple Grammy awards.

31)   Fiona Apple- ‘Every Single Night’

32)   M.I.A.- ‘Bad Girls’

33)   The Men- ‘Open Your Heart’

34)   Hospitality- ‘Friends of Friends’

35)   Sharon Van Etten- ‘Serpents’

36)   Dirty Projectors- ‘Gun Has No Trigger’

37)   The xx- ‘Angels’

38)   Solange- ‘Losing You’

39)   Cloud Nothings- ‘Stay Useless’

40)   DIIV- ‘Doused’

41)   Howler- ‘Back Of Your Neck’

42)   Perfume Genius- ‘Hood’

43)   Sleigh Bells- ‘Comeback Kid’

44)   Frankie Rose- ‘Interstellar’

45)   Spiritualized- ‘Hey Jane’

46)   Tame Impala- ‘Elephant’

47)   The Big Pink- ‘Stay Gold’

48)   Dum Dum Girls- ‘Lord Knows’

49)   Santigold- ‘Disparate Youth’

50)   Friends- ‘Friend Crush’



Travis G’s picks:

The below 15 are the top played songs, that came out in 2012, that I listened to on my “i” devices.  (iphone, itunes)  You have to factor in 3 things:

1. I listen monthly playlists everyday on my walk to work.  95% of the time I only listen to the fast dancy tracks to get my usually late self moving to work a bit faster.

 2. Some of the songs have more advantage being that they came out earlier in the year than others.  So I probably have been listening to them over a longer period of time.  

3. Being such a visually inspired person some of the tracks below are also my most watched music videos of the year.  If the video is good, chances are I’ll like the song that much more.

1. Kylie Minogue “Time Bomb”

2. Madonna “Girl Gone Wild”

3. Madonna “Turn Up The Radio”

4. Cheryl Cole “Call My Name”

5. Madonna “I’m Addicted”

6. Dragonette “The Right Women”

7. Lana Del Rey “Diet Mountain Dew”

8. Mark Foster, A-Trak, and Kimbra “Warrior”

9. Santigold “Disparate Youth”

10. Little Boots “Every Night I Say A Prayer”

11. Will Young “Losing Myself”

12. Dragonette “Let It Go”

13. Avicii “Silhouettes”

14. Jessie Ware “Running”

15. Lana Del Rey “Radio”


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