Best TV of 2013

I must say that I do get pickier and pickier with the tv I watch.  This year there weren’t too many but the ones that I (we) did watch were outstanding.  This is just a few…enjoy.

1)  Girls (HBO)-  

For the 2nd year in a row the Lena Dunham scripted/co-directed HBO show tops the list.  Never has a show so personified what it’s like to be young, up and coming and trying to make it the cruel, cruel world of New York City.  With the outstanding supporting cast to help out, this may be one show that continues to get better and better.

2)  Parks and Recreation (NBC)-

Not only the best comedy on network television but easily one of the best in many years.  Amy Poehler and her “troupe” find new ways each season to push the comedy envelope in many years.

3)  Mad Men (AMC)-

The staple (arguably) of the AMC oeuvre.  The past season was one of the best.  With each season the creepy display and behavior of Don Draper seems to get more and more repugnant.  Yet, we the viewer still watch and watch.  The amazing Linda Cardellini plays an integral part in this season.  One of the best shows of our time.

4)  Parenthood (NBC)-

There are times when a tv show just hits all the right buttons.  Emotionally the show resonates like no other and continues to be one of the best scripted and acted dramas on network tv.  Whether it was the addition of Ray Romano’s, ‘Hank’ or Matt Lauria’s, ‘Ryan’,

5)  Homeland (Showtime)-

What is with all the haters on this tv show this year?  With the large amount of crap on tv why is everyone so down on the 3rd season of one of the better shows on tv?  While I won’t reveal the end of the season, I will ask all of you this…did you see that coming?  I didn’t.  Cannot wait to see what they do next season.

6)  The Blacklist (NBC)-

Guilty pleasure of 2013.  Addicting.

7)  Brooklyn 99 (FOX)-

From  the creators of Parks and Recreation.  Andy Samberg and the amazing Andre Braugher star in the most original comedy of the new year.  Funnier with each episode.

8)  House of Cards (Netflix)-

The first original Netflix series was one that started the great year of 2013 in tv off with a huge bang.  Kevin Spacey is as good as he has ever been and Robin Wright as his wife is just as great.  Finally a great political drama with an original voice that isn’t afraid to push the envelope.

9)  The Office (NBC)-

The last year of one of the better American comedies (even though the British was better) finished it’s last year with such original beauty that I hope comedy series on it’s last legs watch and take note.  Even though the beginning episodes were a little far fetched and forced the ending episodes encapsulated 7 years perfectly.  Well done.

10)  The Americans (FX)-

Only reason this show is so low on the list is that we are working through it as we speak.  Fantastically acted and brilliantly told.  The amazing Keri Russell finally finds a role that best her ‘Felicity’.


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